Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Garden Platform Cart Project

While browsing Pinterest for shed ideas I came across this pin of a garden cart that can be used as a platform.  I hate dragging out the ladder outside when something is just out of my reach and wobbling around on land that is not level.  There were adjustments made to the original plans-I just don’t have access to the specific wheels used.  I really love it and it only took an afternoon to build it and paint it.

platform garden cart

It took one sheet of 1/2” plywood and 3 2x4’s-we chose to use pressure treated lumber for this project.  We also picked up a couple of tires from Harbor Freight.  It was just a matter of cutting everything to size and screwing it together with a couple of lag bolts thrown in for good measure.

platform garden cartplatform garden cartplatform garden cartplatform garden cart

After making a template and transferring it to the plywood we cut out the handles per the instructions.  We agreed that the handles would not stand up to the weight of this cart.  I actually prefer the replacement handles for a wheelbarrow that we bought instead.  We were going to cut them down to size until my daughter held it up the entire length of the cart-I liked the way it look and I think it will give the handles more strength.

platform garden cart

We need to do some more tweaking to get it level and more stable.  The wheels need to be spaced farther apart.  The brace we put in on the handle side needs to be removed as we keep hitting our shins on it using it.  It is very heavy and a bit unwieldy at times, but it has saved our backs and been very useful in our yard.

platform garden cart

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