Sunday, June 16, 2013

Busy Week Part 2-Scrap Wood Garden Bench

scrap wood garden bench
My husband had a hoard of wood that needed to be reduced.   It mostly consisted of 2x4’s and 1x6’s.  There were some other pieces I would have liked to have used, but I’m not comfortable crosscutting wood on the table saw and avoid using the circular saw.  I wanted an easy project for my daughter and I to complete in a day.
We saved the longest of the 2x4’s and put the various scraps in order of length.  We cut down 4 lengths of 2x4 @ 18” for the legs using our compound miter saw-I love that thing!   We then attached the two longer pieces of 2x4’s cut down to 47” using 5 screws on each leg.   I used two l8” 1x6 for the side pieces.
scrap wood garden bench
After that it was just a matter of cutting the rest of the 2x4’s to 18” and spacing them out with a carpenter's pencil.  We managed to fit 13 boards on top.  I secured the two end boards with 2 screws on each side and the rest we used one on each side.  My daughter didn’t like the way the legs looks even though by that point the bench itself was very sturdy.  So we grabbed a few more boards that were left over and found two that fit inside the legs.  It did help give the bench a more substantial look.
My daughter will be leaving in a month for Navy basic training so this is a special time for both of us.  I’m thrilled that she is wanting to spend some time with her Mama instead of only hanging out with her friends until her ship date.
scrap wood garden bench
After that it was time to get painting.  My son joined us at this point-he wanted to go swimming and hurried us along.
scrap wood garden bench
We added some decorative wrought iron we found on sale at Hobby Lobby.  It really didn’t need anything, but we enjoyed putting them on.  I may tone down the contrast with some more paint at a later date, or remove them. 
wicker chairs
Resting and enjoying a job well done.  You rock Evie!  I’m loving our little seating area.  I bought the two wicker chairs from Goodwill for $8 a piece then promptly went and bought two cushions (that I still have to modify) from Walmart  for $30…oh well I feel justified  with the money saved on the chairs.  I still can’t believe how expensive outdoor furniture is.

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