Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy Week Part 1-Garden Path

My husband went out of town for a week.  My goal was to finish one project before he got back and I managed three with the help of my kids.
garden path
I wanted a path from our new stairs on the deck to the lawn to keep down the mud and divert traffic away from the sprinkler head.  My first choice was to use a concrete path mold that I have, but the small area would have been too difficult to work in especially around the steps and local Azalea bushes.  I took my daughter to Home Depot to have a look around.  We chose these flat paver bricks at around 60¢ each.  I had some perforated bricks (fired bricks with holes in the middle) on hand that I used for the edging.  I initially bought 40 to help gauge how many I would need, and three bags of paving sand to level areas and use as filler.
I had a lot of weedy, spongy root mass to remove in this area, along with some root removal.  We mainly used a hand tool with a weed hoe and cultivator in one-I don’t know the name of it.  It was the perfect size to bury the perforated bricks level with the paving brick, and is a gem to use in removing the spongy root mess.  Unfortunately I stepped on it and broke the handle.  It was a cheap tool I have had for several years.
garden tool
I started out with the paving bricks on level soil.  I didn’t worry too much about having to compact the soil or having a gravel and sand base.  With this just being a simple garden path I think any unevenness will  add charm and character.  There were quite a few high and low spots and we worked with what we had.  After laying out the supplies we had I guesstimated that we needed another 48.  I went over by 15-better than under and another trip to the store!  After we laid out the path we took the perforated bricks used for edging and buried them *somewhat* level with the paver bricks.  When we got near the stairs I had my daughter begin filling the gaps with the sand mix.  There simply wasn’t enough room for two.
garden path
I had to improvise around the steps.  With the big roots from a nearby tree and some substantial ones from nearby Azaleas and the sprinkler system it didn’t fit as neatly as I would have liked. 
garden path
I added some pine bark mulch and that helped a great deal with how it visually looks.  There are areas where I need to lift some bricks and add more sand.  The perforated bricks are taking up  a lot of sand as well with it washing into the holes.  I think this will be a summer long project of picking up sand and adding it as needed until all the crevices get filled and things settle in.
garden path
garden path
Comments are always welcomed and appreciated-and hey if you know what that garden tool is called let me know-I need a replacement!

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