Monday, March 18, 2013

Vintage Needle Storage

I found this precious little box a few years ago in a junk store in Tennessee.

I had already added a pin cushion underneath the lid and dumped all my needles into it.  I really didn’t have any other plans for it than that.  I love the little dovetail joints on this box, and being that it is cedar it seemed a shame to cover it up with paint or anything else.

After having success with heat transferring images to my oak coffee table I thought this would be a little gem to try out some images from the Graphics Fairy.
I did a light sanding and started out as before.  Apparently I should have done a little more sanding because the heat of the tool soaked out whatever this box was sealed with and it interfered with the image transfer.

With nothing to lose I sanded some more and had much better results.  Allowing the heating tool more time to get hot also helped in the process.

It stained well and now it is just a matter of leaving it to dry before getting a clear coat on top of it all.