Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bathroom Makeover Using Etching Creme and Silhouette Cameo

The only border left to go is in my living room.  This was by far the most demanding and my fingertips are still sore from an entire day of picking off tiny bits of wallpaper-thank goodness for audio books!

We needed more storage in there and the only solution I wanted to do was a cabinet behind the toilet.
Pirahna wallpaper stripper
Another thing was to replace the light or paint the metal white…or con my husband into a not so nice rewiring job on a beautiful pair of light fixtures that my mom had been using as candle holders.  After pricing light fixtures-with me-hubby agreed to the job.  I got stuck with all other matters.
I also really liked how the framing of the mirror in the upstairs bath made it feel more finished.  I knew making a curvy frame to fit this mirror was beyond our skill level and quite frankly time frame set for this project.  I decided to give glass etching a try to help things along.
I bounced back and forth from the mirror and smoothing out the damaged walls.

I found a sweet little silhouette from the Cameo store by Hero Arts.  A lot of detail, but I assumed my Cameo was up to the job.  I used some orange vinyl to cut and block the acid etching cream.  My Cameo did not do a great job and knowing that it is a champ with the finer details I suspect I should have gone in an done some tweaking to the image to get a cleaner cut.  Instead for time’s sake I simplified the image as I weeded it.  It was a good thing because it was a job getting it back off of the mirror and I don’t think my fingers could have taken anymore abuse at that point.

Patience is a virtue when using this stuff.  I read various tips from different users of this product and had the impression that it really only takes 5 minutes.  Not in my case-read the directions!  I had a go at this twice and I did not get an even etching.  Since this was the first time I have tried this I have to assume it was user error and not the product’s characteristic.  Nonetheless I am happy with the overall result.  Although with a mirror, unless you are looking straight on at the image, it does tend to have a blurriness about it.  I’m guessing the reflection plays into this.

After hunting around locally for a cabinet to go behind my toilet, I had to resort to the internet.  Some of the local stores are certainly ‘proud’ of their stuff as my husband would say…meaning the price was more than I was willing to pay for.  I was thrilled to find a pretty cabinet at Overstock for $53-shipping included!

I really like how the broken glass reflects the wall color-instant matching!  The directions to put it together were some of the best that I have come across.

Once the wallpaper was down and the paint was up there really wasn’t much for me to do except be patient for my husband to work on that light already.

It wasn’t a nice job-they are very delicate and didn’t make the trip home with me in one piece so we had to scavenge from both to make one light, or rather hubby did.

It took him 4 hours to rewire this beauty.  I think he did a great job and I’m glad he didn’t cut himself in the process!

rewiring vintage light fixture
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