Friday, March 15, 2013

Organizing with Cameo Silhouette

While shopping for supplies at Home Depot I came across a sweet deal for a tool chest.  I have been pricing them to store my art supplies and had been on the fence about purchasing one or making do with storage I already have.  I could not pass up a sale of $150 for a stainless steel one. 
After tearing apart my workspace and loading my new treasure up I couldn’t resist making up some labels for my drawers with my Cameo.  They are much needed as I sometimes organize myself out of being able to remember where I have put my stuff.  My Dynamo labeler just didn’t seem up to par for such a nice chest.

It was a challenge getting the vinyl to initially stick to the stainless steel-it wanted to stay on the transfer paper.  I had to very carefully use a rolling technique along with some tweezers to insure the vinyl would come off correctly.  I doubled my insurance by going over all of it and making sure it was sticking.  So far so good.
I also had to dress it up a bit with some more vinyl.

I’m very happy with my purchase, and fluffing it up was well worth the time spent doing it.  At that price I really hate to have just one, when two would be the storage space of my dreams.  Keeping my fingers crossed that there is still one left for sale.

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