Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making It Pretty With Resin Decoupage

I have this old project tray that my husband made for my oldest son to work on model airplanes.  Models were not my son’s thing and so I snagged this little tray for my own use.  It’s about 12 years old and I really have not used it much.  In the madness of organizing and getting rid of things I put this out in the hallway to think about later.  After getting things pulled back together in my workspace I pulled it back in and gave it a little TLC.

I had no plan of action of what exactly I wanted to do to it so I started off with a light base coat of off white.  I grabbed a couple of colors and started slapping on the paint.

I came across some crackling medium and in the spirit of using supplies that I own slapped some of that on with some acid lime green for the heck of it.

I left the work surface of the tray alone, along with the inside back of the frame.  I did know I wanted those areas to be more decorative.  With all the bright colors I thought about just going with some bright pink scrapbooking paper.  After trying out a few I came across some Tim Holtz paper I had been hoarding.  I had already used some of this in the back of my hutch and I thought I may as well continue with this ‘theme’.

I carried the paper up the sides to cover up some of the gap between the sides and bottom.  I have used this for beading while watching T.V. and saw where I had lost some down the sides.  To make it more sturdy and user friendly I decided to give it a coat of resin.

I am happy…ish with how it turned out.  I probably will use it about the same.  So far I haven’t been more inspired to work on something because of it.  Hopefully I will remember to use it when I can to protect other surfaces.

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