Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It Feels Like Springtime here!

It is hard to get busy with indoor projects with this glorious weather.  I find myself wanting to plant summer flowers and start on outdoor chores.  The days have reminded me to be very thankful for where I live.  It’s hard to beat this kind of weather in February.
The squirrels have been romping to excess all over our yard and munching on my spring bulbs.  I found a product new to me-a bungee cord feeder for squirrels.  It had directions on how to use it so the squirrels could gradually get used to how it works. I just hung it up where I could see it from our dining table in the kitchen.  It only took 30 minutes for them to bravely jump on it and start feasting.

bungee feederbungee feeder
I’m hoping they will stay busy enough to give what bulbs I have left a chance to bloom.  I have a few in bloom already-I think they are white bluebells and they generally come up this time of year for me.
spring flowers
I will be sad to see my poppies die out.  They have been a hardy winter weather flower for this area and it was nice to see a show of color this past year.  I’m hoping they will hang on through the summer, but I have a feeling that when the heat hits it will be time to find a hot weather flower to plant in it’s place.
orange flower
I was thrilled to find a couple of PURPLE roses at Wal-Mart.  I needed to fill the areas where the squirrels had been munching and I was very happy to pay $8 a plant.
purple flowers
Everywhere in my yard flowers are in bloom or plants are hanging with buds.  I really love this time of year.
red flower
flower buds
We even had fun putting our grandbaby to work in the yard!
spring clean up
springtime cleanup

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