Saturday, December 29, 2012

Salvaging Watercolors The Easy Way

I had a few watercolors that had been pinned up because they were not what I had in mind and I had lost enthusiasm in trying to fix them.  I ran across one of Claudia Nice’s pen and ink books and practiced a few techniques on them trying to regain interest in finishing them.  It worked for one-at least I was happy enough with the results to finish the painting.
Watercolor, bird. loose painting, pen and ink 
 The other two looked interesting with her techniques, but it was not enough to push me to finish them.
butterfly, flower, watercolor, pen and ink
watercolor, pen and ink
I came across a video on YouTube from Cheap Joes.  He cut apart one of his paintings to make greeting cards.  He had made a view finder in the size he wanted and moved it around the painting to find areas he thought would make a nice picture.  I found it to be a brilliant idea and wanted to try it out on a few of mine.
cut up watercolorcut up watercolorcut up watercolor
cut up watercolor
cut up watercolor
cut up watercolor
cut up watercolor
cut up watercolors
I’m really happy with the results and I think they make interesting cards.  The best part is I no longer have to see them pinned up on my wall for months on end waiting to be finished.  It always feels good to complete something even if it isn’t what you first intended!  
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