Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quick Chalk Paint and Cameo Project

I have a cheap little cabinet that I store my makeup collection in.  It was starting to show it’s age.  I was never fond of the finish or hardware, but it was a good (cheap) find and it serves it’s purpose well for me.
chalk paint, cameo silhouette007
I’ve read that others have had good success covering laminate with chalk paint without primer, and since I was looking for a quick and painless DIY project I figured I’d give it a go on this piece.  So off to the big box store for some sample paint.  I chose to go with Glidden Duo which has a built in primer…just in case…in the color Natural Wicker.  A big spoonful of unsanded grout stirred in and I was off and painting.
I also scored a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby for some pretty little mother of pearl knobs!
I did a quick cleaning with Krud Kutter and vinegar to clean off all the hand oil and makeup gunk.  I used two of the sample containers, but I probably could have gotten away with one.  I had ideas about labeling the drawers in French, but had to think that one through because I was pretty happy with it painted white with the new knobs.
I went ahead and decided to go for it.  I had some issues with my Cameo cutting the vinyl cleanly and found this great tutorial on how to clean the blade housing here.  A little frustrating when the font you desire is far too delicate to cut cleanly or handle if you do get it to cut.  I think it was worth the time it took for me to finally get a result that I liked.  I used the free Black Jack font from DaFont.  I had ideas to decorate the sides, but again had some more issues with my Cameo cutting-I think it has more to do with user error than the machine itself.  I am overall happy with the final results.  I have not sealed the finish-I’m fine with any dings or age showing.  I will probably be ready for another change at that point.
chalk paint, silhouette cameo

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