Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Have An Eye On Her Room!

My daughter is in her senior year of high school.  She joined the Navy this last summer and will be leaving for basic training after graduation.  I am proud of her decision and excited for her future.
As much as I hate to see her lea031ve home and the worries that go along with it I am determined to focus on the positive things in life.  If one of those things is her current bedroom emptied out and turned into a craft/art studio for me… then so be it.
We have four bedrooms on the second level of our home.  It feels like they have been in constant rotation since we have lived here.  The bonus room over the garage started off being our family room/craft area.  It became my son’s room when he left for college and my daughter put a claim on his bedroom.  My youngest son wanted her former bedroom and all the excess was put into his old bedroom (currently my craft space).  Then the bonus room became my husband’s office when he started working out of the house a year ago.  The only issue I have had is that her bedroom is over my bedroom and she has a habit of practicing on her drum pads for marching band in the wee hours of the morning.  Since my youngest son also has plans to join the marching band when he gets to high school next year I plan on evading any more noise pollution during sleeping hours.  I’m sure my youngest son thinks he will be taking over that room when she leaves and I’m sure he is just going to have to live with his current bedroom-it’s mama’s turn.
I’m hoping to figure out what color I want to live with.  I don’t mind the green that my youngest son picked out when he was in elementary school, but I am ready for a change.  The room was painted a beautiful soft yellow that he hated and I begged him to keep.  I love the soft yellow of the fabric I have yet to finish on my old chair and I am leaning towards that color hue.
I have a bank of shelves that help keep me organized, but at the same time make me feel boxed in.  I have dejunked myself as much as I am willing.  I’m hoping to build shelving to go under a workspace that can be covered up so it doesn’t overwhelm the space like my current setup.012
I will miss my view from this room!  I love catching site of the squirrels bouncing around the tree limbs.  I’m hoping our budget will allow me to have a bigger window to let in the natural light.  The view won’t be great, but I am hoping for good light to see.

I have one calm area right now, and I’d like to be able to mimic it for the whole space.  I found the upper hutch left out for the garbage men.  It’s a mix of pine and particle board.  It was meant for a little girl’s bedroom set, but I modified it to meet my needs.  I had it on my desk (another rescued item), but I needed more spreading out room so I put it on an old kitchen island.  I will more than likely keep both pieces as is because I like how they turned out and it is a useful work area.
I’ve been using the chip-it tool from Sherwin-Williams.  Any photograph from the web can be used to come up with a color palette-and you can have a starting point when you go in to look at paint colors.  It’s addictive and fun to use.
I have my inspiration, and it will make planning a lot easier when I eventually get around to it.

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