Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome To My Ongoing *Bucket List*

Kathryn and Joshua
Hi!  My name is Natalie.  I've been a stay at home mom since 1991.  My oldest son has left the nest and started a family of his own. 
I have one daughter in high school, and my youngest son is in middle school.  When people ask me what I do my knee jerk reaction is to tell them that I do nothing.  The truth is that although I don't bring home a paycheck I do bring a dollar value with the projects I get done around my home.  I don't DIY all the time.  I putter around from project to project.

For those of you who DIY some may understand my method.  Some things take time.  Some things take more money.  Some things get put on the back burner until whatever is holding it up loosens it's grip. 

My mom on the other hand is one of those DIYers who doesn't stop until the job is done.  She will work through the night.  I have known her to work through 100 degree weather.  Now that she is in her 70's she has slowed down some.  I think it's due to the fact that she has run out of projects.  She is one of my inspirations in life.  It's why I like to say that my DIY list is my bucket list!

Roger, Evie and Christopher
My husband puts up with me and all my ideas.  Most of the time he is on board...as long as the Cubs or the Steelers aren't playing.  Beyond that he likes to take it easy.  Usually in pace with our budget.

Unfortunately I have the tendency in those lag times to lose focus and find other activities that pull me away.

I'm originally a Wyoming girl.  Now I have the blessing of living in Lower Alabama.  Although I do miss my mountains, I do not miss the wind or snow.  The heat and humidity do get to me-especially if I want to work outside.  The big down side for my is that I've lost my internal clock for inside jobs and outside jobs.  Winter used to mean heading inside for baking, knitting, sewing and all of those great winter time activities to be enjoyed with a hot cup of tea in front of a good movie or fire.  Now I find myself in the summer weather heading inside for AC relief and cold iced tea.  After 8 years of living down here I still haven't adjusted all the way.

I haven't really decided a focus for this blog.  I enjoy a variety of things.  I'm just going by the seat of my pants and see where I end up.

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