Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tying Up Loose Ends

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I think this is going to be one of my weeks of rounding up almost finished projects around my home and completing them.  It’s time to make some forward progress before school lets out. 
I only have a few cabinet doors to finish to complete that portion of my kitchen.  I will then be able to start (at some point) the rest of my tiling job.  I’d really like to throw in the four cabinets from my laundry area and get them pushed through as well.  I have been avoiding thinking about that area.  I didn’t want to disrupt getting laundry done along with preparing meals.  I really need to add those into the mix just so I can have some continuity.
With the changes that have gone on in my kitchen I wanted to change out some of the lighting.  I have some ideas for what I want, and have been trying to coordinate the old light that I already had taken down once before.  I’m really loving this light.light I’m already 1/2 done with my old light fixture that I would like to coordinate with this one.  I just need to have hubby rewire it and hang it for me.  My part is to finish the drum shade I would like to put around it.  I found a couple of great tutorials to follow, with my own modifications.  Here is my light that I am hoping to get hung up this weekend complete with shade.

My hope is that I can get an effect close to this light that I love the look of, but was disappointed with the reviews given it.
I’m telling myself if I can push through the cabinets and this light fixture I’m ordering the first one next payday!

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