Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Kitchen

My ongoing DIY list is long.  The biggest item to be finished is my kitchen.  So many things relied on another thing to get done first.  My kitchen is open to my living room.  The previous owner had done a nice job tying in the kitchen, living room, and dining room.  I was okay with it for a long time.  I was having too much fun playing outside and dodging hurricanes to take much notice.  My mom also had a bout with breast cancer and I spent a lot of time heading up to Tennessee to help her out.
Close up of the busy, busy wallpaper
I had been cleaning up the kitchen and once again the wallpaper started peeling up on me.  I was getting tired out getting out the Elmer's glue to tack it back down.  Most of it was secure, except for a few seams that kept popping up on me.  All I knew is that I did NOT want to strip wallpaper.  I don't have any readily available before pictures that are great.

The dining area from a house hunting trip

I knew this because I had already gone round one in the master bathroom.  Our fixtures were-some still are-the ceramic type that are embedded in the drywall.  The toilet tissue holder fell out one day and smashed into several pieces.  It left a gaping hole in the drywall.  The master bathroom had a wallpaper that I was not fond of at all.  Alternating six inch wide stripes of hunter green and white.  I could see where there was one wallpaper on top of another.  I bit the bullet and got out my stripping tools.  It was a disaster.  The first layer was adhered directly to the drywall.  No paint.  No primer.  Needless to say there was substantial damage to the walls.

Back to the kitchen.  I decided on a whim to pull out the refrigerator and *test* an area there.  There was of course a first layer of wallpaper adhered directly to the drywall with no paint and no primer.  However it came off easily.  I thought sweet-this is do able.  Before I knew it I was in the middle of stripping off the wallpaper with no idea or plans on where to go from there.  As I started working my way around I hit some tough spots.  Ever so often when my husband came home from work I would look at him pleading for help.  He became very effective of ignoring me and my looks. 

Thankfully there was better information on the web than when I was doing my bathroom and I found a great product that helped me in the areas where the drywall paper tore off.  Zinsser Shieldz is actually a wallpaper primer, but it is a great product to use to help repair drywall damage.  After filling and smoothing the drywall, prime the areas where the patches are with the Zinsser Shieldz.  It toughens up the patches AND seals it so your paint job goes on smooth.  Beware of it slumping on you.  Thin coats are best, and keep your eye on it.  Everywhere it is blue was that lovely double layer of wallpaper.

I have two more bathrooms where the special *double wallpaper adhered directly to the drywall* technique was used.  I really need to revisit the job I did in the master bathroom as well, but I need to get the rest of my kitchen done first.

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