Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother’s Day

On Being A Mom
To my oldest son I was Mommy until one day when he was five it changed to Mom. My daughter called me Mama. Now it is Mom. I don't remember when she stopped calling me Mama. My youngest son has always called me Mom.
I don't miss being Mommy, but it sure hurt the day my son quit calling me that. I do miss being called Mama. It hurt when my youngest only called me Mom. Right now I'm just thankful that I am one.
My daughter says that she doesn't want to be one. Right now I don't want her to be one either. Someday I hope she will be blessed with children. Someone has to be around to mess up her stuff, slam her doors and have mood swings to the moon and back.
Evie, Josh and Christopher
Evie, Josh and Christopher 2008
Day to day is routine. It's the big things that make me grasp for my kids and find my love for them spilling over.
I can distinctly remember when they were all babies doing things and telling myself that I would never forget those moments. I can't for the life of me remember those particular moments, I simply remember the strong desire never to forget them. I regret not keeping a journal so I could look those things up. The journal of my heart remembers them-even if it is just a warm feeling.
Sometimes I find myself dating a time period when the kids were younger by what gaming system we owned at the time. Singular-we had more control back then. We are now in the plural era of gaming systems and gadgets.
My Mom
She’s always just been Mom to me.  I knew a few people growing up who called their parents by their first name.  I found it strange and a bit disturbing.  I found her to be amazing-and I still do.  She is one of those women who can chat on the phone, cook dinner and cut your hair at the same time.  Back then our kitchen phone line was stretched long to enable her to keep busy while talking.  She loves having a cordless phone now.  I can’t imagine what she could have done with an earpiece.  My mom was and still is to some extent, a busy blur.  If I needed something, or had a question I learned quick enough just to stand still and she was sure to zip by at some point.Mom

There are few things I know of that she won’t tackle on her own.  I’ve known her to re-do a few things contractors did because the work was not up to snuff.  She always cooks.  She doesn’t like spending money on eating out.  I love her crazy money ways.  She is very thrifty, and is only thrifty so she can splurge on other items.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, but it always seems to work out in the end.  She will make do with an item and even spend considerable time and effort to make it right only to get rid of it in a flash when she finds that special something that she was trying to recreate.  She shops by unit price and if that means buying eight bottles of Halston to get the better deal-then so be it.  When she told me about it I had to ask her how long did she think her stash was going to last?  She’s in her 70’s and I was trying to be delicate.  She informed me that it makes a great room deodorizer.  Now I’m not quite sure what the unit price of a room deodorizer is, but I suspect that she wouldn’t pay the same unit price for one.  It works for her and her home smells divine.  I hope she is still around to buy another eight bottles when she runs through this current stash.

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